I'm Katy.

Stumbling fairly confidently through the last two years of my twenties, passionately advocating for self-love, growth, and compassion♥

When I'm not working on anything photo related, I'm typically on an endless quest for life's simple pleasures. Finding new music I like, road trips, long hikes with my dogs, collecting cool rocks, thrifting, stargazing, forest-bathing, and forever finding new ways to enjoy this beautiful life I'm experiencing. Being a mostly stay-at-home dog mom was the goal, and it's a pretty sweet gig, but I will leave for a good adventure.

Photography has been my way of capturing my life's little glimmers in a tangible way, and started as my way of focusing on the good when life felt heavy. What started as a hobby 20 years ago, quickly grew into this sweet little biz I get to show up for everyday. I couldn't be more grateful if I tried.


relaxed, candid, and natural

I take my time and photograph intentionally. I don’t like to rush or be rushed so, I assume the same goes for my clients. As someone who knows what it’s like to feel awkward in front of a camera, I prefer to keep things relaxed, candid, and natural feeling. I am a very “go with the flow” kind of gal when it comes to my sessions - Sometimes this means walking, talking, and really getting to know my clients before the camera starts clicking.


moody, warm, nostalgic

My editing style is heavily inspired by filmy tones and feelings of nostalgia. My shooting style is a healthy combo of lifestyle and editorial with a focus on capturing true, candid emotion in order to create images that just feel like a memory. I love black and white images and can definitely appreciate a moody, grainy edit. Each session is unique and every gallery is hand-edited to fit the vision and concept that my clients and I plan in advance, I love hearing out-of-the-box, creative ideas!